The Medieval Institute, founded in 1946, promotes research and teaching on the multiple cultures, languages, and religions of the medieval period and their interrelations. Our institute fosters an interdisciplinary intellectual community through advancing scholarship in our world-class medieval library collection; hosting research visitors from this country and abroad; sponsoring lectures, conferences, and other academic events; and serving as a premier center in the United States for training students in medieval studies. We offer both an undergraduate major and a Ph.D. program in medieval studies; students can work with over eighty faculty medievalists from a dozen different departments around the university. The Medieval Institute coordinates and facilitates the activities of the largest contingent of medievalists of any North American university.

The Medieval Institute, in collaboration with the Center for Italian Studies and Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, invites Fellows of the MI to submit proposals for three planning grants of up to $20k per award to support collaborative research in Rome.

The awards are designed to foster the development of research networks which engage Notre Dame faculty (and potentially also graduate students) with researchers working in Italy, and especially in national, international and pontifical academies, universities, libraries, museums, and archives based in Rome.

Awards are available to support the organization of scholarly research outputs in the form of ongoing collaborations between Notre Dame and local Roman institutions, including of conferences, seminars, and research publications in any field of Medieval studies.

It is expected that these seed grants will lead to research publications and/or further funding proposals designed to foster the continued research activity of collaborative research networks based in Rome in view of increasing Notre Dame’s institutional presence in the city as an international center for Medieval Studies, broadly conceived.

Meetings in Rome might involve as few as three or as many as 10 to 15 researchers (including local scholars based in Rome and graduate students) to take place any time during the next three academic years.

A simple proposal of not more than 500 words, including details about research partners both institutional and individuals, and a simple budget are all that is required. Applications are accepted until March 15, 2023. Three grants will be awarded.

At the end of each academic year (by graduation), each working group should complete this two-part reporting form. 

1) In 200 words or fewer, describe what the working group engaged in over the past year.

2) Provide a budget summary detailing how you used your funds and what balance, if any, is left. For each expenditure, please provide the date, amount, recipient of the payment, purpose, and source of payment (e.g., FOAPAL, travel card, personal card).

To become a faculty fellow of the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame, please attach a current copy of your CV and a brief letter outlining your current involvement with the MI and medieval studies in general. Then, indicate your disciplinary concentration(s) by checking as many of the boxes as apply. Finally, indicate whether you are available to direct dissertations. 

Your application will be reviewed by the Director and the MI Faculty committee. If your application is approved, you will be eligible to participate in the faculty governance of the MI and to access MI working group funds. All fellows are also featured on the MI website at

This form must be submitted and approved by the Director before your trip. You will be notified when the award is approved. If you are to be reimbursed following an event rather than being paid in advance with an award, please save all receipts, so they can be entered in your Concur expense report.

In your request please include (attach as PDF or Word documents):

1) Reason for your request (please be as specific as possible. For example, provide name of conference, title of your paper, location, dates).

2) Estimated total amount requested: Travel costs (airfare, ground transportation. mileage), hotel, conference fees, meals, other (explain).

3) Amount requested from other sources (GSU, GSPDA, etc.)

Please complete all fields and attach any required documents
Please complete all fields and attach any required documents

This form should be used if you wish to propose an event co-organized or hosted by the MI. Please read our Guidelines for Organizing Lectures and Conferences before completing this form. 

Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame